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Sedgwick Ireland Health Insurance – Growth Through Diversity

In Sedgwick Ireland we understand that as part of our growth plan we must not only concentrate on our core areas of expertise built up over the last 30 years but to diversify into new areas to be able to expand our service offering to the market. For some time we had been seeking to enter the health insurance market and in 2014 we availed of an open opportunity to assist a potential client with their extremely ambitious growth plans.

Sedgwick Ireland’s Client is a new and dynamic organisation with a lean approach to management and a commitment to the outsourcing model. When the opportunity arose for Sedgwick Ireland to work with this Client it was suggested and accepted that a different consultative approach was to be taken to help the design the optimal Target Operating Model.
Sedgwick Ireland facilitated a series of workshops covering all aspects of the business to gain a full understanding of the company. All departments were given individual focus and were afforded the necessary appropriate time to tease out all the critical issues.

Once the workshops were completed and additional research undertaken by Sedgwick Ireland a new mutually beneficial partnership model was presented to and accepted by this Client’s team. Of course the usual commercial negotiations took place but it was the long term true partnership view and vision that proved to be the most important deciding factor.
Too often outsourcing contracts consist of pure labour arbitrage and the senior team in this organisation were seeking partners who would not only deliver on the service required but would genuinely assist them in the realisation of their business vision.

So once the new model was presented and agreed that this was the direction that the company wanted to follow the actual decision to move from one service provider to another is not one that is taken lightly. In theory our client, had on paper and through reputation, a new partner in waiting in Sedgwick Ireland.

In presenting the new model to our client we had also provided a detailed transition plan that had been carefully thought out and allowed for the new model to be developed through a series of low risk stages. These decisions are the ones that can cause sleepless nights, especially for an organisation that was rapidly building a deserved reputation for customer service. There was a full understanding how any disruption would be received by the ultimate powerbase – the consumer.

What helped to make the difference was the level of commitment, understanding and active listening conducted throughout the facilitated workshops that built a level of trust between the organisations. It was this trust that proved to be the cornerstone in the decision to award the contract to Sedgwick Ireland.

The health insurance market is one that has particularly historic busy windows and even allowing for the transition of the business during one of the quieter periods it was an onerous task. During the summer of 2014 the task of moving the service to Sedgwick Ireland began. During an extremely short period of six weeks contracts were drawn up and agreed, new desks, chairs and screens were ordered and configured, all ICT work was completed, TUPE arrangements were completed and new staff were recruited, extensive product and service training was conducted and all carried out during the busy holiday period.

What made the difference was the amount of planning, preparation, facilitation, extensive communication and hard work to deliver the project successfully. It is to Sedgwick Ireland’s credit that once the phones were switched off in the existing service provider on the weekend of the move all areas and agents were up and running on the following Monday morning with no downtime in customer service and it was a totally seamless and smooth event. Our client knew that they had selected the right partner and in Sedgwick Ireland we were equally delighted that a new long term client relationship had commenced with the best start possible.

The successful future of the partnership is being built on the consultative approach taken and the deep understanding and insight gained during the workshops prior to the transition and change of service providers. This is the difference that makes the difference when engaging with Sedgwick Ireland. Our experience, expertise and ability to take the time to actively listen to our clients ensures that in doing our best it helps to realise the ambitions of our clients, provide the level of service they want for their customers and allows the participants in the partnership to grow together.

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