OSG Group Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to our new cohort of Insurance Institute graduates who took their place among a proud community of insurance professionals at OSG’s annual graduation ceremony held in the RDS on April 4th 2016.

63 staff graduated in total, and 43 attended, a great turnout on last year.

The evening was one of celebration, with Professor Gerard McHugh from Trinity College School of Business speaking on the finer points of what it means to be newly qualified.

Graduates shared their success not only with their colleagues and peers, but also with their family and friends who were in attendance.

I would also like to acknowledge the Service Excellence Award-winners – those staff who have made a significant and exceptional contribution to OSG over the last 12 months. See below for the full listing of award winners.

OSG recognises that pursuing further education while working can be demanding at times, and requires dedication and commitment on the part of our staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that much of OSG’s success is directly attributable to the efforts of our staff in their pursuit of continuous professional development.

This progress is vital to ensure that OSG remain at the forefront of the insurance industry, and can provide the very best service to our clients; delivering relevant and meaningful solutions to the challenges that our clients may face in the market.

We have every confidence in the continued success of our newly qualified insurance specialists and service excellence award winners, who we here in OSG are incredibly proud of.

I would also like to especially thank the OSG Events team for making the wonderful night happen.

Congratulations again to all on this tremendous achievement!

Malcolm Hughes, CEO



Service Excellence Award Winners

Educational Achievement Award – Heather McIlveen

“A new Award to recognise outstanding educational achievement. Heather was received an award from the Insurance Institute of Belfast, as the top student in 2015 on completing her CII examinations”

CEO Award – Bernie O’Hanlon

“Works hard but always has time for any member of the team” . . . “completely changed the team for the better” . . .”positive attitude increases the team morale and helps us all improve our performance” . . . “complete confidence from client and team has created a top level of customer service” . . . “a real professional” . . . “nobody has had such an impact in a short period of time as Bernie” . . .

“a worthy winner”,  Malcolm Hughes

Innovation & Lean Award – Catherine Lynn & Recoveries

“always looking for new ideas and ways of improving our business”

“a real company person” . . . . . “always has a ‘can do’ attitude”

New Business – Liability

“a hunger and determination to secure new contracts and nominations” . . . . “a focus on developing new and existing client relationships” . . . . “a big turnaround – extremely positive and growth-oriented team”  . . .“continued and sustained new business wins” . . . . “a real focus on securing new business”

Internal Services – Simon Murphy

“possesses immense skills and expertise” . . . . “always willing to take on new challenges with enthusiasm” . . . . .“amazingly personable and an asset to OSG” . . . . . “extremely helpful and friendly” . . .  “a true gentleman”

Technical Excellence – Pat Ryan and Peter Whyte

“a true subject matter expert” . . . . “knows subject and willing to share with others” . . . . “expertise recognised both within OSG and externally” . . . . “rarely makes the wrong call” . . . . “just gets on with it” . . . . “highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike” . . .  “a real blend of knowledge and experience”

Customer Care – Gillian Bowles

“always happy to help anyone who needs it” . . . “always has a smile and puts everyone in a good mood” . . . “always upbeat and pleasant to customers” . . . “excellent handling skills with customers” . . . “kind and brilliant at her job” . . . “a beacon of positivity”

Unsung Hero – Siobhain O’Sheehan

“works tirelessly for the company” . . . “a real OSG hero” . . . “always focused on the best outcome for OSG” . . . “this lady is nothing short of a legend” . . . “outstanding service to OSG”

Team Excellence – Leinster Property

“took it upon themselves to make and implement radical changes” . . . “took on change and made it work” . . . “always working for each other” . . .” an example of how teamwork can achieve a lot even in difficult circumstances” . . . “good leaders, a great team; a winning combination”