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Gary Keegan


“One thing that OSG Vericlaim has in abundance is excellent people. I have been given an opportunity to build an excellent and exciting career and I see a very bright future with plenty of opportunities. I am proud to be part of a company that when I started in early 2010 had just over 200 employees and now has close to 500.”

Sarah Harmon

Quality Assurance Manager

“OSG Vericlaim provides the support necessary to progress your career from an entry level position to a managerial role. OSG Vericlaim also has a great sports and social programme – it’s a great place to have an active social life and meet friends!”

Kate Carroll

Claims Handler, Liability Division 

“I began working in OSG Vericlaim 5 years ago. OSG has given me the opportunity to make a career in Insurance. I was promoted within 2 years from Customer Service Administrator to a Quality Assurance Specialist, and I recently began working in the Liability Division as a Claims Handler.”

Alan O’Donohue

Travel Insurance Claims Team Leader

“I started in OSG Vericlaim back in 2010. I first started in the Aviva driving school and then progressed into travel insurance sales and then eventually claims where I am now in my Team Leader Role. I have achieved great success in exams obtaining my APA and CL qualifications.”

Niamh Moore

Vodafone Team Lead 

“OSG Vericlaim has given me the opportunity to make a career in the insurance industry. In the 3.5 years I have worked in OSG Vericlaim I have progressed to being a Team Manager and achieving my CIP.  On a personal note, I really enjoy working in OSG Vericlaim.  The company recognises hard work and I have had the opportunity to move up and progress within the company. The people I work with on a daily basis are fantastic which makes my work even more enjoyable.”

Graham Claxton

Customer Service Unit 

“I began working in OSG Vericlaim in 2014 to begin a career in Insurance. Since joining the company I have progressed to exclusively handle Customer Relations issues for a number of clients. OSG Vericlaim has equipped me with the expertise to advance my education within the sector allowing me to achieve qualifications in personal and commercial lines whilst providing an enjoyable and rewarding work environment to thrive in. OSG Vericlaim also has a vibrant social aspect which contributes to the entire experience.”

Jenny Arnold

Sales Manager 

“OSG allowed me to use the tools that I always knew I had, but allowed me to put them to good use and develop them. The people make it in this company and I think everyone would agree that you make friends for life in here. Although the journey has been challenging at times, OSG has given me the opportunity to progress in my education and further my career prospects.”

Paul Murphy

Recoveries – Claims Specialist

“I Started in OSG Vericlaim in 2004 which was the beginning of a successful journey which was as a result of a wish to change career having worked previously in Retail, I saw this change in career as a challenge as well as a risk, given that I had no previous office or Insurance related experience or skills. I have successfully obtained CIP, DIP LA, Loans (APA) qualifications which have been a tremendous aid to my work based knowledge. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoying working with my colleagues in the A&H claims team, whose knowledge, skills, capabilities and friendship are second to none. The best team I have ever worked with in my work life career.”